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AVID Elixir 9 Disc Brake

Manufacturer: AVID
Weight 375 grams (160mm rotor; front post mount)
Lever Material Carbon Fiber Lever, Tungstun Grey Aluminum option, Aluminum Body
Caliper Design 2 Piston, Forged 2-piece Aluminum, Adjustable Banjo
Finish Black Onyx
X9 Coor Match: Grey/Black, White/Black/ Red/Black
Rotor HS1
Pad Sintered, Top Loading
Fluid DOT 5.1
Mount Ambidextrous
Adjustment Contact Point Adjustment, Tool-Free Reach Adjustment, Adjustable Banjo, Tri-Align Caliper Positioning
Special Features TaperBore Technology, Matchmaker Compatible, Split Clamp
Picture of Black,with 160mm Rotor and Adapter
Black,with 160mm Rotor and Adapter
Picture of Black,without Rotor and Adapter
Black,without Rotor and Adapter