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Hygia Elite Carbon Pro Disc Brake

Manufacturer: HYGIA
  1. Accord with the Post-mount spec. and suitable to international standard forks and frames(adapter is needed).
  2. Upgraded to the hose with stainless wrapped will be more effective in brake.
  3. Pads are compatible with Shimano XTR and XT.
  4. Use only DOT 4.0 brake fluid.
  5. Upgrade to Carbon Levers.
The design is pure elegance. From graceful line to the smooth polished edges of the levers and calipers, the two pistons ELITE was designed to complement your bike, while providing excellent performance in an ultra light package.
The weight is only 305g (Aluminum lever+master cylinder body+caliper+DF04-160), 295g(Carbon lever+master cylinder body+caliper+DF04-160). Finished with polishing and anodizing, to avoid the corrosion of brake fluid and reduce surfaces abrasion.
A slim and graceful hydraulic disk brake, using cold forged mono-block calipers and levers. The reservoir is hidden, while the ambidextrous design of the lever allows freedom of positioning in a configuration that you prefer.
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