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Reynolds FORTY SIX / SIXTY SIX Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Manufacturer: Reynolds

At Reynolds, we pay close attention to how customers and sponsored pro athletes use our wheels for maximum benefit. One technique involves mixing profiles to optimize the performance of each design. That insight led to the introduction the Forty-Six matched to a Sixty-Six. This combo provides optimal aero
performance front and rear, yet still delivers enhanced stability in cross winds and saves some precious grams, thanks to the slimmer front wheel profile.

Rim Depth: 46mm / 66mm
Spokes: Radial Front/2x-Radial Rear F:20/20 R: 20/20
Spokes Front: DT Aerolite
Spokes Rear: DT Aerolite
Weight: F: 534g (T) / 644g (C) R: 775g (T) / 879g(C)
Hubs: DT
Braking: Reynolds Cryo-Blue
Shimano 8/9/10s
Campy 10/11s