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SRAM Red OG-1090 Road Cassette

Manufacturer: SRAM

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. In the case of the OG 1090 Cassette, simplicity also means elegance, efficiency, and performance. The main cogset of the OG 1090 cassette is machined out of a single forged form that is heat treated and then shaped in a complex series of CNC-guided operations. The sprockets have all been designed with SRAM’s proprietary OpenGlide™ design for smooth-as-silk up- and downshifts. Weight, stiffness, and strength-wise, the radical OG 1090 Cassette delivers titanium’s desireable weight with solid steel’s superior strength and stiffness.

Lightweight: Innovative CNC‘d chromoly steel construction.
Durable: 35% harder than titanium! Stiff: 15% stronger than its competitor. OpenGlide technology allows for smoother transition between gears.  
The action for 11-26T model